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Chuck Ketchel

Chuck Ketchel, LCSW-R is a psychotherapist, certified in EMDR, a hypnotherapist, as well as a shamanic practitioner of the Magical Passes of Tensegrity as taught by Carlos Castaneda. His main clinical focus is the treatment of trauma, sexual abuse and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It was through his association with Castaneda’s world that Chuck first experienced the Magical Pass of Recapitulation, an ancient shamanic practice of reliving past experiences and releasing energy stored in those experiences through the use of a specific breathing pass. This breathing pass, he noticed, was remarkably similar to the bilateral process used in EMDR and had a similar effect when used in a clinical setting. In 2001 he began introducing the recapitulation breath and the process of recapitulation into his practice in the treatment of PTSD. He discovered that these shamanic practices, when utilized in combination with contemporary clinical practices and support, offered a new avenue to total healing from even the deepest and most damaging of traumas. Recapitulation has since become a mainstay of his treatment of traumatized individuals. For more information about Chuck and his practice please go to our Psychotherapy page.

In addition to his clinical work, Chuck writes a weekly blog, Chuck’s Place, in which he brings the psychological and the shamanic together with real life experiences, offering not only his unique perspective on the meaning of life in this world, but a means of aiding the changing self and our changing world.

Jan Ketchel

Jan Ketchel, CH is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, artist and writer. She has stalked many identities in this life. As Jan Hughes she worked as an artist, illustrator and author of children’s books in both the United State and Sweden. She went on to become wife and mother, expanding her art into faux finishes and painted furniture. At midlife, Jan turned inward. Utilizing the shamanic practice of recapitulation, she undertook a three-year-long soul retrieval journey. She emerged with her soul fully intact and took up the life of psychic channel and hypnotist. Her channelings are published weekly on our Channeling page.

In her current incarnation, Jan lives and works as an author, sharing her living insights and experiences weekly in her blog, A Day in a Life. As J.E. Ketchel, she collaborates with Chuck in delivering to the world the pragmatic healing practice of recapitulation as a cure to complex PTSD. Her major opus, The Recapitulation Diaries, is a presentation of her recapitulation journey in a 5 volume series, three of which have been published and are available through our Store. Her intent, with this venture, is to offer an insinuation of the recapitulation journey to those who seek deep healing and change.

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Chuck and Jan Ketchel